The transformation of corporate tasks – internal sales in the B2B business
Vanessa Just, Wiebke Geldmacher, Raphaël Murswieck, Andreas Kompalla

The importance of risk management when outsourcing logistics processes
Bastian Heinemann, Steffen Lange, Jan Kopia, Melanie Buchmüller

Lean management in university libraries between theory and practice
Cristina Albu, Narcisa Valter, Adriana Cristian

Factors influencing sustainable entrepreneurship in Romanian small and medium sized enterprises
Eduard Gabriel Ceptureanu, Sebastian Ion Ceptureanu, Eugen Luchian, Iuliana Luchian

CRM on the example of the “Card of Enjoy”
Astrid Fortmüller, Raphael Murswieck, Matthias Dünnweber

Tourism, competences and projects at the vocational school Bad Gleichenberg
Astrid Fortmüller

Study on economic trends, drivers and developments of the 21st century
Katrin Marquardt, Marieta Olaru, Nina Golowko, Jan Kiehne

Globalization from emerging countries
Alexandru-Ilie Buzatu, Cristian Costache, Ioana Bianca Dumitrescu

Oxygen scavenger development as evidenced by patterns in relevant patenting activity
Ryszard Cierpiszewski, Joanna Olszewska, Zenon Foltynowicz

Investment trend in digital currencies – the current state of fiscal treatment of bitcoin investments in Germany
Tobias Stiegler, Klaus Singer, Axel Ulrich Wiesener

Moral hazard in strategy implementation: simulation and analysis
Jan Kiehne, Ann-Kathrin Arp, Katrin Marquardt, Matthias Dünnweber

Customer satisfaction with the sales of OTC pharmaceutical products in the lebanese market
Habib Kabalan, Amine Ghoumrassi, Gabriela Stănciulescu

The driver for the backsourcing phenomenon under the force of globalization
Steffen Lange, Melanie Buchmüller, Bastian Heinemann, Ruxandra Mateescu 

Development of corporate reporting – recent changes and a shift to nonfinancial information
Klaus Singer, Aykut Bußian, Tobias Stiegler, Jan Kopia

External assurance and decision usefulness of sustainability reports
Timm Schüler, Ann-Kathrin Arp, Carsten Kirschner, Doru Alexandru Pleșea

Development of corporate sustainability reports in Europe from 2014 to 2017
Timm Schüler, Carsten Kirschner

Motivational forces for self-employment among vulnerable population groups in Romania
Carmen Păunescu, Mihaela Cornelia Popescu, Laura Blid, Elisabeta Molnar

Entrepreneurial skills and initiatives among business and economics students
Mihaela Cornelia Dan, Simona Irina Goia (Agoston), Vlad I. Roșca, Shahrazad Hadad 

Impact of climate change in the food security of Romania
Bianca Georgiana Olaru, Cristian-Silviu Bănacu

How integrated management systems can contribute to a sustainable management structure in SME’s
Claus Nagel-Picioruș, Ilie Constantin Florea, Oana Alexandra Vochin 

Estimating perceptions of consumers using AI: a case study for German and UK travelers
Starosta Kejo, Sonia Budz, Michael Krutwig

Perception of employers in Romania of the graduates from the Bucharest University of Economic Studies – case study
Camelia Stăiculescu, Maria Liana Lăcătuș, Steluța Todea

Consumers’ perception on human-like artificial intelligence devices
Corina Pelău, Irina Ene

Fake news in the energy industry
Adrian Tanțău, Corina Pelău, Mihai Pop

Professionals for sustainable business implementation
Zenon Foltynowicz

The effect of changes in suustainability reporting rules on clarity of the CSR reports
Viorel Avram, Daniela Artemisa Calu, Valentin Florentin Dumitru, Mariana Elena Glăvan

Factors influencing adventure tourism in Romania in a sustainable perspective
Nicolae Al. Pop, Cristina Andrada Baba 

The impact of the adoption of integrated reporting on the disclosure of key performance indicators
Mădălina Dumitru, Alina Almășan, Cristina Circa, Valentin-Florentin Dumitru

Investement in competences: grow or buy? A research on potential partnership of a financial software company
Ilie Constantin Florea 

The winner takes it all – business model innovation in the tourism industry
Benjamin Grab, Robert Bumbac, Roxana Gavril, Cristian Ilie

The economic component of the decisions regarding the use of forest resources in Romania
Florina Bran, Cristina Alpopi, Carmen Valentina Rădulescu, Dumitru Alexandru Bodislav

An integrated approach of the QFD methodology in ergonomic intervention
Mioara Duca, Narcisa Valter, Armenia Androniceanu, Iulian Duca

Preparation of German SMEs for a family internal handing over – an analysis of a field research
Marc Sommer, Roxana Sârbu, Oana Alexandra Vochin, Anca Gabriela Ilie 

Voluntary compliance in the area of transfer pricing for different types of taxpayers
Eugeniu Țurlea, Carmen Țurlea, George Bogdan Stana

Characteristics of bakery products consumption in Romania
Andreea Simona Săseanu, Sorin George Toma, Răzvan Dina 

The impact of human resources management on the European map of employment rates
Adriana Grigorescu, Arina Mihaela Niculescu (Diaconu)

The European Union and the integration of sustainable development goals into community policies: the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP)
Grazia Calabrò, Simone Vieri 

Advancing entrepreneurship education: a new approach in Romanian academia
Mariana Drăgușin, Mirela Octavia Sîrbu, Raluca Mariana Grosu

Rebranding – a living solution within a sustainable evolution of the third sector companies
Rodica Pamfilie, Adina-Gabriela Croitoru

The role of innovative models in promoting organic food quality-assurance
Magdalena Bobe, Roxana Procopie, Maria – Alexandra Toma

The effect of adopting IFRS on entities’ financial performance on an emerging market: the case of Romania
Tatiana Dănescu, Maria-Alexandra Popa

A multidimensional approach of the equitable and sustainable well-being in Italy
Irina Virginia Drăgulănescu, Armenia Androniceanu

Tourist profile in the low-cost carrier era: between budget and smart travel
Amine Ghoumrassi, Cristina Stoenescu, Gabriela Țigu 

Social enterprise as a superior innovation driver. Evidence from Romanian social impact award winners
Carmen Păunescu

Using DEA technique for estimating the managerial efficiency, in the reengineering process, VRS versus CRS case
Iulian Lita, Tanase Stamule, Aurora-Daniela Mitu (Lita), Xin Wang 

Six-Sigma application for the hotel industry
Maria-Cristina Iorgulescu, Olimpia State, Daniel Bulin, Mădălina-Lavinia Ţală

Promoting Romania as a medical tourism destiantion – facts and challenges
Florența Larisa Vasile (Ile), Smaranda Toma (Simoni), Gabriela Țigu

Romanian educational system and intellectual capital – challenges and success factors
Răzvan-Ion Chițescu, Adriana Grigorescu, Maricica-Dănuța Bâtcă (Bunghez)

The audit activity in the public institutions: the importance of a clinical audit in the public health system
Răzvan-Ion Chițescu, Christopher Bradley de Freitas

Explorative study on students’ perception of the Romanian outsourcing industry
Ulrike Förster Pastor (Förster-Metz), Nina Golowko

Education for bioeconomy in Romania – an empirical investigation of higher education programmes
Marta-Christina Suciu, Andrew Kolodziejak, Mina Fanea-Ivanovici, Laura-Gabriela Istudor

Competitiveness & innovation within the creative economy
Marta Christina Suciu, Eppe Postma, Christian Năsulea, Diana-Florentina Năsulea

Economics between arguments: the quest for a positive science
Grigore Ioan Piroșcă

The freedoms specific to the modern economy and their calvinistic origins
Lilian Ciachir, Jiries Mansour

Double standards – perspectives for consumers in the European Union and consequences on consumer protection
Ana-Maria Iulia Şanta

Characteristics of the tourist consumption manifested in the period 2016-2017
Manuela Liliana Mureșan, Puiu Nistoreanu

Decisions of public entity management regarding approaches in the internal control system – internal audit and IT
Lavinia Costan (Popa), Gabriela Pascu (Popescu)

Gamification: challenges in ensuring the satisfaction of new consumers
Andra Vasilcovschi

Possibilities of econometric modeling of ecological footprint. Case study: European countries
Simona Ghiţă, Cristina Boboc

A study of the knowledge of the legal obligation of public authorities to serve as a model in the field of energy efficiency
Bastian L. Kurth, Mihaela Maftei, Dorin Maier, Andreea Maier

Quality of life in Romania
Elena Condrea, Oana Oprisan, Norina Popovici, Anca Cristina Stanciu 

Eye-tracking experiment regarding celebrity in advertising
Bogdan Nistoreanu, Laura Lazar

Life cycle costs for sustainable buildings
Gabriela Mehedințu, Cătălin Ionuț Silvestru, Ramona Camelia Silvestru (Bere)

Lessons learned in the audit of projects
Ionela Munteanu Florea, Marioara Mirea 

Reflections on quality and internal control in public entities
Ionela Munteanu Florea, Elena Condrea

Enterprise risk profile. The reorganization perspective of a company in Romania vs. the taxation on reorganization profits
Cristina Stroie, Marioara Mirea

The role of cybersecurity in the Romanian defence educational system
Daniel Dumitru, Tiberiu Ion

Social capital, a key mechanism for cluster evolution? The cases of two competitive clusters, Life Science Nord and Uppsala BIO
Adriana Petre 

Tourism and air transport post terrorism? Analysis of Romanian outbound travellers after Europe’s terror attacks
Florentina-Ștefania Neagu, Cristina Stoenescu, Tünde Gal 

Irrational consumption – one of the dominant features of the current behaviour of young people from Romania
Lelia Voinea, Alina Filip, Dorin Vicențiu Popescu, Teodor Mihai Negrea

Leasing impact on the main economic company indicators
Carmen Țurlea, Eugeniu Țurlea, George Aurelian Tudor

Online business models and typologies
Cristian Bogdan Onete, Viorel Vasile, Vanesa Vargas

The possibility to influence the perception of quality through social media
Bogdan Cristian Onete, Sonia Budz, Kejo Starosta

Social business models as growth strategy for non-profit organizations
Elisa Gotesman (Bercovici), Ioana Ceaușu and Adrian Bercovici

The growth potential of Romanian wines on export markets
Cristina Veith

Sustainability reporting of grocery retailers on an emerging market
Dan-Cristian Dabija, Brîndușa Mariana Bejan

An analysis of the freedom to operate tool sustainable implementation in the research and development processes
Adrian Bercovici, Laurențiu Tăchiciu, Elisa Gotesman Bercovici 

Increasing operational efficiency through effective measurements of outsourced performances
Roxana Maria Gavril, Mihaela Maftei, Ioana Surugiu, Alina Elena Iosif

An exploratory research on the perceptions of the Romanian students regarding e-learning
Cristinel Vasiliu, Mihai Felea, Irina Albăstroiu, Ionel Dumitru 

Analysis of the e-waste management practices in the context of circular economy
Irina Albăstroiu, Mihaela Bucur, Gabriel Năstase 

The power of influencer in Romanian’s buyer decision
Răzvan Dina, Felician Alecu, Calcedonia Enache, Anca Purcărea 

Transition from management to leadership. Cases study based on the experience of a SME from SEE
Alexandra Bârsan, Roxana Clodnițchi

Aspects of tourism consumption behavior
Puiu Nistoreanu, Ana Mihaela Pădurean, Ana Maria Nica, Mihail Ovidiu Tănase

Gastronomy and tourism
Andreea Fortuna Șchiopu, Ana Maria Nica, Mihail Ovidiu Tănase 

Analysis of Romanian millenial tourists’ motivations towards gamification, as a way to develop ecotourism
Remus-Ion Hornoiu, Maria-Cristina Iorgulescu, Gianluca Felicetti

Pros & cons: using unconventional raw materials in the Romanian meat products industry
Roxana Procopie, Magdalena Bobe, Smaranda Giușcă

Identifying short and long-term sales controlling instruments for a productive sales organisation and defining approved actions within a short reaction time after perception
Jörg Bothe, Benjamin Grab

Learning from a smart city-state in the age of globalization
Sorin-George Toma , Andreea Săseanu

Case study: Romanian startup accelerators – startup selection and evaluation
Ioana Ceaușu, Marieta Olaru, Răzvan Ionescu, Dragoș Tohănean

A possible integration of international indicators for competitiveness in Porter’s diamond model
Axel Ulrich Wiesener, Doru-Alexandru Pleșea, Marc Sommer, Vasile Dinu

Building a performing brand management model within agile companies
Adina-Gabriela Croitoru

The relationship between intelligence type and gender in business higher education
Irina Maiorescu, Gabriel Cristian Sabou, Bogdan Georgescu

Optimization of technology transfer by using IT systems
Silvius Stanciu, Dan Dumitriu, Ramezani Mojtaba Ahmadabadi, Antonia Cristiana Enache

Experts´ view on learning networks as a means to support the implementation of energy management systems
Christian Richard Hell, Gabriela Cecilia Stănciulescu, Ulrike Förster Pastor (FörsterMetz)

The internationalization of the higher education. Trends and evolutions at international level
Silvius Stanciu, Dan Dumitriu, Elham Dadfar, Anca Gabriela Ilie

An analysis with hydrogen application in the mobility sector – possible key value propositions for present and future mobility application
Robert Staiger, Adrian Tanțău

Robotic process automation in pharma: three case studies
Sorin Anagnoste 

The evolution of the entrepreneurship in Romania – a quantitative approach at a regional level
Vasile Alecsandru Strat, Ion Daniel Zgură, Vanesa Vargas, Sorin Anagnoste

Means of economic growth through innovation
Dorin Maier, Ioana Surugiu, Robert Bumbac, Andreea Maier